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Customize your bike tour!


Wherever you are staying in Tuscany we can design your bike rides using your location as a base.

We have availability of high quality Italian make carbon frame road bikes for the most discerning and experienced riders.

Send us an email and we will get back to you with itineraries and ideas to make your vacation in Italy unforgettable.


Rosalie, Vincent and Brian Bradley, Ann Arbour - Michigan, USA


Marco, Thanks! Just wanted to say that we had a spectacular time. We so enjoyed being with you. Hope we can hook up again in the future. Take care. Ro

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Kristy and Marcus Mathes, Portland, OR, USA



We just wanted to pass along our thanks for a wonderful trip. We both agree that the bike tour was the highlight of our trip, and one of the best vacations we have been on. It was so beautiful and fun and indulgent. It couldn’t have gone smoother and we had a great time with Marco. Thank you for making or honeymoon so special. We would love to see the pictures that he took of us during our trip if you could send them to us.

Thank you, Kristy & Marcus

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Bobby Stoler, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


Ditto ....unforgettable week .... great group chemistry, great riding, great food ... no injuries; little rain! Can't wait for the next trip!!


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