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Wherever you are staying in Tuscany we can design your bike rides using your location as a base.

We have availability of high quality Italian make carbon frame road bikes for the most discerning and experienced riders.

Send us an email and we will get back to you with itineraries and ideas to make your vacation in Italy unforgettable.


Cliff, Jane, Colleen, Erin and Carolyn Rigby, Newark, NJ, USA


Marco and Jodie,

Here are some pics from our bike ride through Tuscany. Despite the weather, we had a great time and built great memories. You did a great job taking care of my family and showing us a wonderful time.

Best Regards,


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Mark & Julie Williams, Queensland, Australia


Hi Marco, Your bike tour was one of the highlights of our recent holiday, we had a fantastic day and you looked after us so well. Many thanks once again and I hope to meet you again in the future on another ride or here in Australia if you come this way. I've been mountain biking everyday recently.... which of course usually end with some wine when the ride is over. If you ever come to Australia please come and stay with us.

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Mark, Debbie, Malcolm, Chip, and Jenifer, Jacksonville FL, USA


Hello Marco. This is a belated thank you on behalf of our small group for our bike ride in Tuscany at the end of May. It was phenomenal and far exceeded all of our expectations. I want to especially thank you for your encouragement to Debbie that got her through the tough part of the climb when she was ready to call it quits, and ending up making it one of her most memorable days of our entire trip to Italy. On behalf of Debbie, Malcolm, Chip, and Jenifer, we want to thank you again for creating such a wonderful experience in biking Tuscany.

Good luck and God bless.


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