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The Neid Family, Denver, CO, USA

Hi Jodie and Marco,

Thank you for a wonderful trip to Italy. We arrived home last night, happy and tired, after an amazing experience. Thanks for a week of biking, sightseeing and enjoying delicious food and wine.

Here are a few pictures to remember us by.

Keep in touch.

The Wilkening family, Denver - Chicago - Houston

We're safely in Milano, we've redistributed all the balsamic and have our tickets for the train to the airport. Thanks for helping us get onto the earlier and faster train.

The tour with you was wonderful. It was a perfect experience for us together, with everyone feeling good about what we did and where we went. Your warmth and attention is quite special. Anya, the reluctant cycler is ready to take a cycling trip again. Reid has the bug to climb hills in Tuscany, and is likely to work harder still to earn a berth on his lab's delegation to a meeting in Sienna next year in order to have a chance to ride with you.

I suspect that many clients tell you this, but I'll tell you regardless​ ​- if you are in Denver, Chicago or Houston you have a place to stay, and friends to sustain you.

Thanks again! Greta