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Cliff, Jane, Colleen, Erin and Carolyn Rigby, Newark, NJ, USA

Marco and Jodie,

Here are some pics from our bike ride through Tuscany. Despite the weather, we had a great time and built great memories. You did a great job taking care of my family and showing us a wonderful time.

Best Regards,


Nikki and Steve Drake, Chicago IL, USA


My husband Steve and I finished our “Your Tuscan Sun” tour a few weeks ago as our Honeymoon trip. We had an absolutely AMAZING time. I couldn’t have imagined the trip being any more perfect. Marco was a phenomenal guide, the biking tours were exactly the right level for us, the accommodations started out great and just got better and better, and we appreciated having everything put together and planned so all we had to do was enjoy ourselves along the trip. We spent the whole week after the tour in Northern Italy relaxing by lake Como, talking about how much fun we had on the bike trip. Now that we’re home in Chicago, we’re already thinking about when we can plan our next biking vacation, and which of the We Bike Tuscany tours we want to do next.

I know that you and Marco are in frequent communication so if you would, please do pass along our special thanks to him for making the experience such a great one. We also really appreciate the calendar he gave us as a wedding gift. We’ll enjoy looking at all of those pictures next year and will think of the incredible week we spent together in Tuscany every day.

Take care,

Nikki & Steve Drake

Brian Lee, USA


We're back in the US after our wonderful vacation. Thank you so much for the great day last Friday. We enjoyed it very much. Even though the weather did not fully cooperate you did a great job making it a very good and interesting day.

I hope to be able to make a similar trip again in the future and I'll certainly get back to you when I start pulling my plans together.

It was great to meet and spend some time with a fellow Pennsylvanian. Thanks again for a wonderful day in a beautiful place.


Lucia, Daniela, Nico and Mateo De Sola, Miami FL, USA

Hi Marco !

Thanks again for the wonderful tour yesterday, and for dropping us off in Fiesole.

Here are the pics, can't wait to see them on your website. I'll recommend your tour when I can to future Tuscany travellers.

Let's keep in touch !

Regards - Mateo de Sola

Lubben Family, USA

Hi Marco,

Hope you've recovered from the Lubben summer camp. Thank you for designing an awesome trip for our gang. Everything worked out incredibly smoothly and it was an amazing time for all of us. You did an excellent job taking care of the varied biking levels of our crowd. The combination of the rides and activities was just right too. And the hotels and restaurants were perfect. The rest of our trip worked out great also.

If you and Marco ever catch a rainbow photo I'll hope you'll remember to send it me!

Regards, Babette Lubben

Ann Liston and Kate Coyne-McCoy, Boston/Rhode Island, USA


Kate and I had such a wonderful time! Thank you for all of your work, recommendations, and attention to every detail.

It truly was a trip of a lifetime. Your "office" of the Tuscan hills is the best "office" we've seen.

Here's the picture of us buying our dishes. We will think of you and Italy every time we use them.


Ann Liston and Kate Coyne-McCoy

Maryna Strilko, Kiev, Ukraine

Dear Elizabeth,

it's been a long time since our Chianti ride (May 8) but anyway let me express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful time we had and for the most positive emotions I had this spring!

I also would like to share with you some pics from our charming Chianti trip. Hope you enjoyed our company as we did yours!

Thanks a lot and hope to have the same great ride with you some day ;)

Warmest regards, Maryna

Brenda and Tom Sweeney, Groveland, CA, USA

Dear Jodie,

We just got home from our wonderful vacation this morning at 3:00AM. We were out of e-mail and cell phone communication until now.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Florence to Rome tour! We're so sorry not to have been able to meet you in person Saturday evening.....Marco shared with us a bit of your story together, so we were really looking forward to meeting. Hopefully we can get together at another time.

Give Marco our best. He did a terrific job with the tour. Tom will be working on organizing our pictures and sending some along.

Cheers, Brenda and Tom

JoAnn DeWitt, USA

Hello Elizabeth

Katie, Michelle and I wanted to thank you for an outstanding experience in Florence. The bike ride and the information about the area that you shared was a highlight!

We took your advice for dining and had our best meal at Il Fagioli, it was wonderful! Also traveled by train to Rome following your advice and everything went very well.

Thank you again and I will not hesitate to send visitors your way. Take care!


Robet Lee, USA

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for a great trip and all your help and input in making other arrangements for our trip. Now that I am better aware of what it's like in the hills of Chianti .. spectacular .. I can better "train" for a ride through the hills next time.

Thanks again. Robert